Heroes and Dungeons

It's up to you, brave adventurer, to help rebuild a village ravaged by monsters!

Hire extraordinary heroes and explore dungeons to fight monsters, rescue villagers and retrieve stolen treasure.

Soon you'll have a bustling village full of houses, taverns and castles at your disposal!

Save Our Village is an amazing adventure with the following features:
- Use the touch screen to slash monsters and block their attacks
- Dozens of different heroes to hire
- Lots of cool combat loot to find and equip
- Explore over 20 different dungeons full of monsters and treasure
- Master a variety of magic spells
- Customize your village with many different types of buildings, castles and decorations
- Produce food to level up your heroes and make them stronger
- Earn money from villagers to buy more buildings and pay heroes
- Supports Game Center with high scores and achievements

Play Heroes and Dungeons today. It's free!

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